Because of the SegWit2x-related update, our exchange service will be unavailable from 31st July until 4th August

Nowadays, the Bitcoin community offers different solutions for the known problem of the limited block size in the Bitcoin network. Important decisions will take place on 1st August. On this date SegWit2x will be activated, which will change the block size to 2MB (where before it was 1MB) and implement new optimizations, making it possible to store higher amounts of transactions. In addition, the "Lightning Network" feature will be activated. With this feature, Bitcoins can be transferred much faster and without a transaction fee. However, during this update, there is a risk that the Bitcoin blockchain will be split into two different versions (called "Hard Fork").

The Bitcoin core developer team recommends to stop sending and receiving Bitcoins before 1st August until the situation is cleared up:

If you accept bitcoins as payments, we recommend that you stop accepting Bitcoin payments at least 12 hours before Tue Aug 01 2017 02:00:00 GMT+0200 (CEST), although 24 to 48 hours earlier may be safer. This will give time for all pending payments to confirm on the Bitcoin block chain before the event.
(source: https://bitcoin.org/en/alert/2017-07-12-potential-split)

To protect our customers, we will stop our exchange service from 31st July until 4th August. The activation date on 4th August may change depending on the situation.